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Book Talk - November 15, 2021

I am pleased to announce I will be speaking at



221 West 6th Street

Austin, Texas 78701

This will be a special joint book club and speaker series event for members of Headliners Club of Austin. In addition to hosting an in-person reception and dinner following the program, the event will be shared virtually via zoom. For more information, members should contact the Headliners Club, directly.

About With the Bark Off

What if you got a call from Lyndon Johnson to be in Washington DC tomorrow to take a trip around the world? If you are twenty-five-year-old broadcast journalist Neal Spelce, you buckle up. A two-week diplomatic dream trip turned into a lifelong rollercoaster ride.

Spelce began his career as a part-time journalist in the LBJ family-owned Austin TV station in 1956, which vaulted him into a lifetime of memorable experiences with Johnson and many icons of the twentieth century. From his live reporting during the University of Texas Tower shooting tragedy to his lifelong association with LBJ, Spelce found himself behind the scenes in many of the twentieth century’s crucial moments.

The Austin-based journalist shares candid moments with LBJ and five other US presidents, including a rare interview with father and son presidents George Bush while the three were fishing and talking in a small bass boat on a Texas lake.

During his lengthy media career, Spelce saw Austin grow from a college town to a thriving city. Along the way he interacted with Texas legends such as Darrell Royal, Willie Nelson, Walter Cronkite, and more, all part of entertaining stories that he tells, as LBJ liked to say, “with the bark off.”


Before serving on the Headliners Foundation Board of Governors, Neal Spelce was the first broadcast journalist to win the coveted Texas Headliners award for news reporting. He also received the nation’s top award for radio news reporting from the national Society of Professional Journalists and the National Headliners Club highest award for “consistently outstanding television news coverage in the United States.”

Additionally, he was CEO of the company that produced the award-winning syndicated TV news programs “An American Moment™ with Charles Kuralt” and “An American Moment™ with James Earl Jones” that aired on more than 100 US TV stations. He is currently CEO of The Neal Spelce Company, having previously won the nation’s highest award for public relations and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Austin Advertising Federation.


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